Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Understanding The Different Sauna Heaters

 the sauna heater is at the heart of a sauna. sauna heaters must be able to produce consistently high temperatures. although there are several kinds of heaters that are available, the most common are electric heaters.

if you live in a rural area, wood-burning heaters are popular. gas and oil heaters are other alternatives.

there are two basic functions of the sauna heater - to create heat and create steam. stones are piled on the heater that retain heat. they also produce steam when water is poured over them.

electric heaters

electric sauna heaters came about in the 1930's. before that, a sauna was heated with fire. many sauna aficionados know that fire produces a 'soft' heat and this is what is best for a sauna.

most wood-burning heaters do not solve a practical purpose in urban areas. as a result, electric sauna heaters are the most popular kind of heater today.

wood-burning heaters

for country dwellers, the wood-burning heater maybe the perfect choice for a sauna. most houses in the country have a plentiful supply of wood to burn so a sauna can be operated at a reasonable cost.

oil and gas sauna heaters

other alternative for heaters for saunas are oil and gas heaters although they are less common. they seem to be less efficient especially in comparison to electric heaters.

all sauna heaters need stones. heat is retained by the stones and they give off steam when water is thrown on them. these stones have to endure a great deal of stress. the sauna stones have to have special qualities in order to withstand the constant heating and cooling.

any type of rock can be used as a sauna stone, but some kinds are better suited than others. sauna stones should give off no odor when they are heated and they should be able to withstand a high temperature without cracking.

good sauna stones should have a rough surface in order to release steam faster and should have no cracks. sauna stones that you need to look out for are olivine and peridotite. these are available at sauna supply stores.

Understanding The Different Sauna Heaters

  the sauna heater is at the heart of a sauna.   sauna heaters   must be able to produce consistently high temperatures. although there are ...